Thursday, November 03, 2005

Web and Blog Tracking Senator Roxas

Here are some news and interesting blog post lately mentioning Senator Mar Roxas.


NPA attack on RPA-ABB outposts mars All Saint's Day in Negros
In the case of EVAT, they agreed with Senators Mar Roxas and Richard Gordon in advocating for a temporary suspension of the EVAT on fuel and power.


Brownout MARs forum
During the open forum, Sen. Roxas was asked on the status of the Cybercrime bill in Congress. The bill is far from being passed into law.

Ambassador Reynaldo Arcilla Addresses the Political Crisis


Rizalist said...

Hi digitalfilipino,
Is this an official website of Sen. Roxas or a "fan site"?
Dean Bocobo

digitalfilipino said...

Hello Dean. It is only a trial blog site for now.

Rizalist said...

Keep it up J. I'll keep watching this blog. Say, I know a Bishop that could use a blog, are you offering management services?