Monday, October 22, 2007

Roxas urged to Palace to 'come clean' on P600-M unliquidated funds

The Arroyo administration should “come clean” on over P600 million in unliquidated and unaccounted funds last year amid the brouhaha over the source of cash gifts given to local government officials and congressmen in MalacaƱang, according to Senator Manuel Roxas II.

“The seeming cloak of secrecy raises suspicions of slush money being paid out in the guise of humanitarian spending. Until such things are explained, the public’s mistrust of the administration will remain,” Roxas said. (Inquirer)

Roxas on Palengke Tips and cheaper medicines

Senator Mar Roxas was a guest in the television program Sis last October 10, 2007 where they discussed market weighing tips, why he is popularly referred to as Mr. Palengke, the impact of Cheaper Medicines Bill to the poor, his small and micro enterprises accessible loans bill, among others.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mar Roxas speaks on the Affordable Medicines Bill

This is a clip of Philippine Senator Mar Roxas, taken from cable news network ANC's 'The Big Picture' aired on August 17, 2007, where he talked to host Ricky Carandang his advocacy for more affordable quality medicines.

Mar Roxas speaks on the Opposition and the Presidency

This is a clip of Philippine Senator Mar Roxas, taken from cable news network ANC's 'The Big Picture' aired on August 17, 2007, where he talked to host Ricky Carandang about being part of the political opposition. Mar also speaks candidly about bringing the country to a better place.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Senator Mar Roxas wants to strike off from the statute books all criminal liabilities attached to libel and guarantee public access to information to advance the freedom of the press and democratic governance, respectively.

He urged President GMA to certify his bills decriminalizing libel (SB 110) and his Free Information Act (SB 109) to substantiate her avowed commitment to human rights.

"The libel law has been used to inflict fear on journalists already saddled with the threat of physical harm when reporting events to the ire of the high and mighty."

Civil damages are enough penalty for, and deterrence of libel, he added, considering that it is difficult to prove malice because this issue goes straight to personal motives of the journalist.

He said it is ironic that the Philippines, while claiming to be a beacon of democracy in Asia, suffers from vicious shootings of reporters.

SB 110 also limits the venue for filing libel suits to the regional trial court where the media office or address of the charged journalist is located.

"Presently, one can file a libel suit virtually anywhere and leave a reporter without legal or financial means twisting in the wind, to the whim of the powerful and influential."

At the same time, Roxas said information on matters of public interest must be readily made available to the people under pain of sanctions against errant government officials and employees illegally hiding secrets from Juan dela Cruz.

He cited the present controversy surrounding the government's questionable $330-million broadband deal with China's ZTE Corp. as an example, tying this to the Constitutional guarantee of free access for the people to official information, except when the disclosure of such would harm the privacy of individuals, trade secrets, national security, public order and safety, and foreign diplomatic relations.

"As much as a broadband network is a matter of national security concern, I don't see how details of the ZTE deal or any contract on the matter can be withheld from public scrutiny under these Constitutional exceptions it does not impinge upon national security, high diplomacy or anyone's privacy," Roxas said.

"While I welcome the government's assurance that the broadband deal is under review, the people still have a right to see the actual or proposed contract and its conditions."

"Free access to information is not only a Constitutional right but a practical tool to improve the economy. The nation's development and progress must be founded on trust and dialogue between the people and the State fueled by the free flow of information."

SB 109 requires government agencies to respond to all written requests for information within two days, unless proper justification is given by the government body, subject only to the payment of reasonable fees for the viewing or reproduction of such information.

Penalties are levied against officials or employees who knowingly and unjustly refuse to provide access to information, or who consciously release false or misleading information.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's no to higher government fees

Senator Mar Roxas called on the President's economic managers to present a clear-cut plan to the public on how the administration intends to sustain its fiscal program despite shortfalls in tax and other revenue collections. He expressed alarm that revenue shortfalls are now driving fiscal policy rather than the other way around leading to potentially bigger burdens on the people. "There is this business principle that makes sense especially for government: Never give up the long-term." (

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Roxas warns against HSA sans implementing rules

IMPLEMENTING the Human Security Act without a proper set of guidelines and its implementing rules and regulations poses a danger to the security and human rights of every Filipinos, Sen. Mar Roxas said on Tuesday, reacting to news that President Arroyo has announced that the Antiterror Law will take effect as scheduled on July 15.

“The government should not implement the Human Security Act without a set of implementing rules and regulations. Doing so would be like constructing a building without the architectural, electrical and mechanical plans being approved. Eventually, due to poor planning and a weak foundation, the building will collapse and affect innocent people,” Roxas said in a statement. (Manila Times)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

On "fragmented opposition in the Senate"

From Senator Mar Roxas:

"There is an attempt to pin on two other senators (Ping and Loren) and myself the blame for a fragmented opposition in the Senate. Yet, whoever wins the senate presidency by courting the administration senators is clearly the real purveyor of division within the opposition ranks. Whatever the outcome of the Senate Presidency race, the LP senators except for Sen. Kiko Pangilinan will remain with the minority bloc. The people's mandate in the last election is clear: an independent, fiscalizing Senate under the leadership and control of the opposition. I follow that mandate."

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mar Roxas disowns anti-PGMA and Corona e-mail

Sen. Manuel "Mar" Roxas II disowned Wednesday an email accusing President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of corrupting the judiciary by appointing the wife of Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona to a juicy post. At the same time, Roxas asked the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to examine the email from, which his media relations officer Jennifer Bugarin branded as "fabricated." (GMANews.TV)