Sunday, May 27, 2007

Price relief for hypertensive Filipinos

Nearly eight million Filipinos have hypertension. Stressfully high medicine prices worsen their ailment. But relief is probably in sight. The state-owned Philippine International Trading Corp. is seeking to void the local patent of the hot-selling hypertension drug Norvasc. And it has strong legal basis for it. Norvasc sells for P41.41 per 5-mg tablet in the Philippines. Senator MAR Roxas says the same Norvasc formulation retails in India for only P5.77. The PITC should be allowed to legally import from India, he adds, "to benefit 7.76 million hypertensive Filipinos." (ABS-CBN Interactive)

EVEN if Congress is on recess due to the elections, there is a sustained effort to hasten the approval of Senate Bill (SB) 2263 which seeks to lower the prices of medicines, said Senator Manuel "Mar" Roxas III. "Even if Congress is in recess for the national polls, we, together with fellow legislators across party lines, our staff and various stakeholders are engaged in constant consultations in order to build a consensus on the lower priced medicines bill," he said.
(Sun.Star Manila)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Voters Education by MAR Roxas

Please feel free to disseminate these voter education videos. Filipinos must look into their hearts, analyze thoroughly, and vote for candidates that best represent the interest of the country. We pray for high voter turnout this Monday.

Long version

Short version

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Roxas bewails low OAV turnout

Senator Manuel Roxas said the "very low" voter turnout for the Filipino overseas absentee voting (OAV) for the 2007 midterm elections is disconcerting, GMANews.TV learned Saturday. Roxas told reporters that the 5% voter turnout on the 20th day of the 30-day OAV period is "very low" as against the 65% turnout on the last day of the 2004 national elections. OAV secretariat's 2004 national elections record showed 236,722 of the 364,187 registered Filipino overseas absentee voters cast their ballots. For this year's elections, the secretariat has recorded only over 25,000 of the total 504,000 voters, 20 days into the 30-day voting period. (GMANews.TV)

Roxas prods voters: reverse low-turnout trend

Sen. Mar Roxas on Friday urged all 45.5 million registered voters—including 504,000 voting overseas—to exercise their sovereign right to vote. Roxas made the call in light of figures showing that the average turnout of voters in national polls in the last 21 years was a less-than-ideal 76.9 percent. (Manila Times)