Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Senator Roxas Urged PICS to Help SMEs Sell Online

Last October 25, Senator Roxas dropped by at the 4th National E-Commerce Congress organized by the Philippine Internet Commerce Society (PICS). Here are some of the interesting coverage from the event.

Help SMEs sell online, industry urged (by Chin Wong)

At a trade show last week, Senator Mar Roxas told board members of the Philippine Internet Commerce Society (PICS) they need to help more small- and medium-sized companies sell their products in cyberspace, whether this is on locally developed networks or on international portals such as e-Bay.

Click here to view Sen Mar Roxas speech and open forum. (courtesy of Bitstop)

Photos and snippets from the event can be found in the blog site of PICS President Mary Anne Tolentino as well.

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