Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mar Roxas Channel News Asia Interview

Senator Mar Roxas was featured lately by Channel News Asia. Watch this interview.

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bong cabato said...

I have watched this interview with the senator's cousin boss coy. This is a very wonderful and timely interview. Success does not happen overnight. Three years of waiting is not too long .These are primordial and realistic considerations that the next president should face.

With the aim for continuous economic stability, the senator's idea of improving the trade system from farm to market can be done by setting up government programs to assist the farm producing sector limit the existence of middlemen. Example :The Creation of buying stations for agricultural products under the control and operation of the government so that the farmers would not be at the mercy of the traders.

The Mr. Palengke concept is a wake up call for entrepreneurship. This is a reality - vendors in the "palengke" evidently earns more than those who work from eight to five wearing neckties for the men, and blazers and make ups for the ladies. As time goes by , we notice that more and more graduates try a career path in the "palengke". And we come to notice ,within a few years, we find market vendors driving their own SUV's.Senator Roxas encourages more and more people to make money in the palengke rather then waiting for the results of their pending job applications.

Let's face it, Jobs are what allow to feel people useful. It builds self esteem, and it makes people to be productive members of the community. But it is a great reality that there are only a few jobs available, not enough for everyone whou soughts for it.

Entrepreneurship is the answer. We need people who will find the idea, grab the opportunity, take risks and set aside comfort to set up businesses which will truly benefit our economy.

It bears to stress likewise that the Mr. Palengke concept introduces and envisions a fair and honest to goodness trade.

A little bit of will and a little bit of imagination on the part of the people and a devoted leader can turn the crisis down.

Conclusively, the senator is a person for others, a person for welfare. bong Cabato, canlubang 09179990336