Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Affordable medicines

FOR a change, the Senate took the initiative on an important bill ahead of the House of Representatives, which now plays follow-the-leader on the issue of costly medicines. The Senate, voting 20-0, approved on third and final reading Senate Bill 2263, authored by Sen. Mar Roxas, which seeks to amend the Intellectual Property Code to make medicines more accessible to the poor and the middle-class. (Manila Times)


midnight rainbow said...

Unfortunately, Congress failed to pass HB 6035 - so SB 2263 will be useless. :(

Now they're back to square one, thanks to Reps. Locsin (Makati), Zialcita (Paranaque) and Zamora (San Juan).


Anonymous said...

Let us all support this bill as it will provide our countrymen affordable medicines, not overpriced medicines we have now in the market! Kudos to Senator Roxas!